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Clinton on fire

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Clinton on fire

  • Things get hot for the president again..
  • Do you smell something burning?
  • Oh my God they killed Clinton!
  • Monica’s on fire today - peteza
  • Ah.. Clinton san! I see now that you really can light a fart on fire - I bow to your western ways… CC
  • That was some curry I had last night ….. - Andy Rees
  • Can you smell something burning? - Aubaerus
  • Goodness gracious great balls of fire - Hungry Caterpillar
  • ‘In other news, Monioca Lewinsky’s beret was set ablaze today….’ - Baby J
  • “Ahh..Clinton San! Now that I see you can pee fire… you’re worthy of company.” - Sidney Taupin
  • Monica ! you’re hair is alight
  • Al Gore may be his own man, but he still can’t work out when his arse’s on fire! - Tutti-frutti
  • See?? Napalm is as effective as Sarin……… - Greg Hamilton (ghamilto@hotmail.com)
  • Friction caused by excessive masturbation ignites f*ire! - Solo
  • See?? Napalm is as effective as Sarin……… - Greg Hamilton (ghamilto@hotmail.com)*
  • Clinton’s dress-burning ceremony draws small crowd - Sid Badly
  • Do I inhale now? - Sarah Jacotine
  • Psst Bill your fires undone. - Sarah Jacotine
  • Friction caused by excessive masturbation ignites fire! - Solo
  • oh god, who lit that cigar? - m
  • Heartburn? - Sidney Taupin

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