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Jesus parachute

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Jesus parachute

  • I can see the pub from ‘ere! - LordVader
  • ‘Jeeeesus Christ, that was lucky….’ - Joe_Curr
  • This ‘Divine intervention’ lark ain’t all it’s cracked up to be….. - Matt Bibbings
  • Turnout for this years ‘Human Yo-Yo’s for Jesus’ was less than expected - mattbibbings@yahoo.co.uk
  • Exits are here, here, and.. there’s no need to jump out quite so prematurely - Peteza
  • Jimmy Hills puppet show was always a great hit at the toga party - Scrumpydoode
  • I didn’t crash here, I just felt like hanging out with the holy guy for a while! - Daniel (Australia) this page rox!
  • jesus, christ this wedge is killing me! I think I have a holly parachute! - Daniel, its me again
  • hey big boy, do you work out? - craccas
  • fee fie foe fum, I smell the pit hair of the holly one! - Daniel
  • Say hello to my lil’ friend - LordVader
  • Jesus: the cheeky bugger nicked the umbrella from my cocktail! - googly2000, g2k, googly man!
  • Jesus receives parachute Action-Man in a cracker at the last supper - Greasy luva

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