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Russian Dolls

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Russian Dolls

  • Jackson Five reform. Michael finds it hard to refute plastic surgery claims - Joe_Curr
  • Man discovers indisputable evidence of KGB cloning program. - GiroBoy
  • Popstars 2nd series searches for four lucky stars. Which four will win?!!?? :-) - Joe_Curr
  • New from Hasbro: ‘Russian Presidents’ - Sean the Irish Bastard
  • Russian inflatable sex aids need some work admits man sucking his thumb - Scrumpydoode
  • IT’s The Pigmi’s, It’s the PIGMI’s! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! - Pigmi slayer, Australia!
  • Man discovers lost family after picking his nose - LordVader
  • ‘Former president’ action figures hit the shelves today, drawing big crowd. - Sidney Taupin
  • another potential victim of the train spoting club - royston
  • Hey, anybody fancy a little head? - LordVader
  • The Result of Endless Drug Taking on behalf of Brian! - Daniel Aus
  • Pigmi’s??? did someone say Pigmi’s? ARRRRGGGHHH RUNN FOR YouR LIVES!!! - Pigmi slayer aus
  • Jeffry REALLY hated his family reunions….. - googly2k jim is the best! tom c is the loser!
  • Man!! if I do another line these pricks might piss off!!! - snuffy
  • another brutal beating involving the infamous’Russian big head mafia!’ - googly2000
  • ‘I found them officer, honest!’ - PaulC

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