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Cannabis field

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Cannabis field

  • Fuckin hell- this is half way to the best policemans ball of all time!!!!! - muckingfuppet
  • I’ve got the pot, now where did I park my car? - The Teddy Bears Picnic
  • for medicinal use is it sir ?……… - winnie the poo (back from the dead)
  • Suddenly, being stranded with Wilson all made sense. -* manic marmoset*
  • ‘Anybody got a 500-gallon plastic bag?’ - Bill Nash
  • now what was that cake recipe again? - Lanky South African
  • British police have gone to pot. - Phiiil
  • The battered russian economy tries to compete with Mount Rushmore. - Phiiil
  • shit, my mum’ll kill me! - freddy
  • Welcome to the Tesco exotic salad department - Himself
  • british police go to pot - mark adams
  • i said go pot holing you idiot - mark adams
  • High there, how you dooing! - Puffin’ Bigman - whhoooo!
  • The battered russian economy tries to compete with Mount Rushmore. - Phiiil
  • ‘Something smells funny!’ -* mistor conedome*
  • P.C smith was REALLY pleased with his miracle grow. -* jim H roooooollllzzzzzz!*
  • A policeman inspects the overgrown weeds of a columbian asylum seekers home. - Richiebwoy
  • Cor! The Queens garden sure is lovely this fall. - An American Twit
  • i am not a grass - mark adams

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