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As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

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Donkey cart

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Donkey cart

  • His ability to wheelie made him the leader of the pack? - Beechey
  • Come on! I’ve seen Santa’s reindeer do it easily! - Beechey
  • does my bum look big in this?!? - le Rideur de la Fluxe 2002
  • ‘No boss, i cant see any good market pitches from here’ - YAKDung
  • Yet another reason Kellogg’s Pop Tarts should not be sent as relief aid. - manic marmoset
  • Look mum! No hands! - Soap on a Rope
  • FIRE SCUD DONKEY!!! - SpinnenMannlich
  • ‘yeah yeah guys! that gag just gets funnier and funnier. now put me down. - joe_curr
  • You should see the fat bastard that sits on him to balance it out - Lemonhead
  • I knew we over-did it with the sherry - Bruce Cobber-Fosters
  • The new ‘Buckaroo’ from Mattell seemed really life-like - Flick Beaner
  • ‘I Tell you, since Parcel Force has been privatised, service has just shot up!’ - A Tory Voter (the only one?)
  • ‘Yes, my company vehicle is a two-wheeler, with plentry of room in the back’ - Flick Beaner
  • Montoya, warming up before the next Argentinian F1 Grand Prix - Flick Beaner
  • ‘This time next year, Rodders, we’ll be millionaires’ - Flick Beaner
  • Jym (3:12) ‘….and the donkey did poo, and thus the balance was lost.’
  • The lead bullet smugglers in Afghanistan come across a fault in their scheme… - Paranoid Android
  • Buy them here flying donkeys a steal at 200 rupees - deadmeat
  • Vanessa Felts only got off to get a burger……… - Fugazi
  • ‘What? No I can’t see bin Laden hiding in the mountains!’ - Monique
  • The bollywood version of the film ‘Castaway’ was less expensive to make. - Timothy O’Fool
  • ‘think happy thoughts’
  • ‘muel punishment in india is too far’ say UN - Spudmonkey
  • Consignia on strike over muel wages - Spudmonkey
  • Pavarotti’s lunch was going to be late - scrumpydoode
  • Broken cart trap has stops Evil post stealin Donkey - Monkey breedin Maniac
  • Get your donkey on a stick here… donkey on a stick… - Young Vader
  • 5 mins for the kabab. its still raw - Neo lithic
  • I can see my house from here - Neo lithic
  • Does this make my ass look big? - Chips n Gravy
  • Karibul (right) lights touchcord for ‘Dynamite’, the first donkey canonball. - Funkygeek
  • Controversial new mule fertilisation procedure causes uproar in Afghanistan - Abdul Asheem Mohammed III
  • The yanks are coming. You’d better keep your ass down - Ash
  • So……. Howsabout them lawn gnomes… - Matt - aka the supreme ruler of all that smells of feces

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