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Alien Queen - I'm not a bitch

Written by: ChilliBear Published on: 01 May 2000

DFTFC are pleased to be able to bring you this interview by the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman. This interview was conducted earlier this year between Jeremy and the Alien Queen, famed for her role in the movie Aliens. The BBC decided not to broadcast this interview because they believed it showed a scary monster as being an acceptable part of society, but here it is in full from DFTFC.

The Alien Queen and Jeremy Paxman
The Alien Queen and Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy: Good evening. In the past you have been portrayed in the media as being rather an evil and nasty pieceof work, and even a “bitch” once. How does that make you feel?

Queen: Well Jeremy I find it really upsetting that people only take me on face value. I’m sure that to many eyes I look like a 15 foot tall killing machine drooling mucus over everything, but if they only spent a few minutes getting to know me they would understand that really I’m just a nice person trying to be a good mother to my hive.

Jeremy: So you feel rather as if you have been stereotyped by the media and BBC.

Queen: Yes thats right Jeremy. When I fist started my acting career, solely to support my family I might add, I started out in a few bit parts for the TV series Sesame Street. Then I got my break in Aliens, I guess I really impressed them at the audition with my drooling and snarling. So I went to star in that movie and ever since then I’ve been stereotyped into the “evil bitch from hell” role, I just don’t get those romantic comedy type scripts anymore, its all “can you play this big nasty bitch alien for us” scripts. That’s just not me.

Jeremy: Well you did give a pretty convincing act in Aliens. In particular your final battle with Ripley after you tore Bishop in two. Don’t you think that perhaps you brought this on yourself.

Queen: Not really after all that was all in the script, well except for the Bishop part which wasa bit of a funny accident really.

Jeremy: An accident, whats the story there then?

Queen: Well I was climbing down from the dropship, and there was oil everywhere and I just kinda slipped and whoops my tail goes right through him, then when I stood up to help he kinda went flying!

Jeremy: It certainly looked real! Now about the bit where Ripley actually called you a Bitch, what are your feelings about that.

Queen: That wasn’t in the script either, and I felt that she added because she really did feel like that. It was all because I had a larger trailer on the set than her, well I mean what do expect I’m 15 feet tall, and have 300 children and God knows how many facehuggers to look after - of course I need a bloody bigger trailer!

Jeremy: Well I’d like to thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with us. I believe that your due to star in a rather an anticipated new movie, would you like to plug that?

Queen: Thanks Jeremy. Yes I’m going to be staring in Star Wars Episode II, as Queen Amidala. So go and see it.

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