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Game Console Wars!

Written by: ChilliBear Published on: 28 Aug 2000

Games giants Nintendo have made a bid to reassert their position within the Console market by releasing exciting new details of the N64 replacement… TheGameCube…

Nintendo announce the GameCube
Nintendo announce the GameCube

Sony were quick to respond announcing their “Sony GameSphere” only hours after Nintendo’s announcement to the world’s press and the BBC.

Announcing the equally new and original Sony GameSphere
Announcing the equally new and original Sony GameSphere

DFTFC felt that it was only right to spend two solid days playing with the consoles we got from both Nintendo and Sony, in order to produce a comprehensive review of both systems, this is how they perform…

The new “Sony GameSphere” wins the prize for looks, mainly because the “Nintendo GameCube” looks like an old shoebox. However don’t let looks deceive you, for as soon as Hoffin’ Bigman unwrapped the shinny new GameSphere and placed it on my desk it promptly rolled off the desk and out of the window… Sony told us that normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but being on the fifth floor we ended up with aslightly less attractive GameSphere.

Still we plugged it in and managed to get a few rounds out of Tekken 723 before theconsole melted.

Did the GameCube fair any better? Well this time we didn’t take any chances of it rolling out of the window by gaffer taping it to the floor in front of the TV! The most exciting feature of the GameCube is its wireless TV connection, this enables you to play your games from anywhere within 50 feet of the TV, just imagine that you can play a game from a completely different part of the building! wow

We belted out a couple of rounds of Mario Blood Fight, a new game from Nintendo based on the ever popular Mario World series. Trying to make a choice between the quality of the systems was hard since our GameSphere had melted. But we have decide to go with the GameSphere since it can be used as a football when not plugged into the mains socket.

Being the seekers of truth that we are DFTFC were interested to see if the console giants were simply copying each other ideas in a vain attempt to win over the punters. We went to speak to one of Sony’s chief designers Dan Skcollob.

DFTFC: Do you think that releasing the “Sony GameSphere” is just a knee-jerk reaction on your part as a consumer electronics giant?

Dan Skcollob: Absolutely not. We have had the designs for the “Sony GameSphere” in production for years now, it was Nintendo that copied our idea for a sillyshaped and names games console.

DFTFC: So there is no truth in it whatsoever…?

DS: None whatsoever.

DFTFC: So if for example we told you that Microsoft are launching a new hand held system called the “Microsoft MiniPalm” Sony wouldn’t respond by instantly producing a competing system?

DS: Of course not, but I would like to us this opportunity to say that Sony have for many years been working on a new hand held system called the “Sony SmallPalm”.

DFTFC: We rest our case.

According to World software giant Microsoft they have not fallen into this increasing trend to have funky shaped systems and have absolutely not restyled their new games console, the X-Box following the announcements of Nintendo and Sony.

Honest - this is how it has always looked.
Honest - this is how it has always looked.

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