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Honey Bees Start Strike Action

Written by: Hungry Caterpillar Published on: 01 Mar 2000

It was announced today that Bees from all over the country will be going on an indefinite strike commencing immediately.

The Bees, that are all “Workers” in various hive, are angry about what they describe as ‘intolerable working conditions’ and are refusing to return to work until the Queen Bee agrees to improve working conditions.

A colony of bees at a recent protest march
A colony of bees at a recent protest march

The Bees claim that they are working in conditions that are closed to slavery. The “Workers” claim they are forced to collect pollen day and night whilst the Queen simply sits around idle all day.

The Bees demands include a shorter working days, an improved pay structure as well as various health benefits and a dental plan. They also claim that they find the term “Workers” demeaning and wish to be referred to as “Pollen Engineers” in future.

The strike is expected to affect many other industries, including Honey and Candle makers. Mr James Walken from Sawyer Products a manufacturer of a bee sting cream told us that this move could be disastrous for them. “We will not be able to survive on the money we make from Wasp sting cream alone” Mr Walken told us. “The bee stings are important part of our business and the company may not survive through the summer if the bees are no longer stinging people. I think the bees are being very inconsiderate and are not fully considering the implications of there actions”.

The last time a strike like this occurred was in 1994 when the ants went on strike. They were in dispute about poor living conditions, but the strike wasquickly stopped when somebody poured boiling water over all of them.

The strike is expected to last for at least a couple of weeks as the Queens are currently refusing to enter any negotiations with the “Workers”. Unfortunately none of the bees can talk so were unable to get any comments from them.

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