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Latest Computer Virus: Hoax

Written by: Sean the Irish Bastard Published on: 25 Aug 2000

We at DFTFC were recently alerted to an apparent computer virus sweeping the sub-ether…

Our source had claimed that the virus was “harmless, but mildly frustrating”, and went on to explain that it was a self-perpetuating worm virus of the Crinoth variant.

We now have it on good authority (well, Microsoft actually) that the above source was a “lying asshole” and there is no truth in the alert whatsoever.

This is of course of great relief to us here, as the virus was said to manifest itself in text documents, symptomatic in retroactively destroying the   character, and this is of particular concern to us as we are busy preparing an ama ing special feature on the  ebra population at London  oo.

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