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Millionaire Scandal: Latest developments (2)

Written by: Sean the Irish Bastard Published on: 24 Nov 2000

Updates on the alleged Who Wants to be a Millionaire sham: 24-11-2000

It has come to our notice (thanks BBC!) that Ms Kreppel’s “phone a friend” friend was in fact something like head of drama at ITV… We cannot confirm the man’s name nor position at the time of writing, but hope to do soon in the next day or so. Saturday’s papers are running the story of how Ms Kreppel’s phone friend is “not getting a penny” of the money.

Obviously, as a (rather high up) employee of ITV he cannot be seen to receive any ITV prize money, even indirectly. Of course this implies that there is any money to share, and we at DFTFC believe that there is no real winner’s cheque.


ITV Teletext now say that Ms Kreppel divorced Neil Shand in 1987. The marriage may now be over but the connection stands. They may very easily still be amicable (very much so, if any money really did change hands one would assume! Of course a set-up would gain credibility if a bank statement showing the 1M paid to Ms Kreppel was leaked).

One Foot in the Grave star Richard Wilson is quoted in today’s edition of the Sun to the effect that he supports the view of the BBC spokesman who yesterday accused ITV of a fix.

ITV chief David Liddement has denied the accusations as has host Chris Tarrant, however an official spokesperson for Celador has yet to make a formal comment, so perhaps the conspiracy was kept from both the big boys at ITV and Mr Tarrant himself.

Exciting innit?

Sean the Irish Bastard.

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