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New Big Brother TV Channel Announced

Written by: Helter-Skelter Published on: 23 Aug 2000

A new channel is being set up as a digital package based on the Dutch TV series Big Brother which has recently enjoyed success in both the US and UK. The entire station will be devoted to the Big Brother program where a group of people are constantly watched by cameras and other 24-hour observation game shows like it. Throughout the day highlights and live footage will be showing what is happening in any number of peoples lives from, countless camera angles. The viewer will now be able to constantly watch other peoples lives rather than living their own.

DFTFC has managed to find out some information about some of the proposed new game shows for Big Brother TV.

The Eden Game

A male and a female contestant will be placed in a tropical garden, the fact that both contestants will be naked the entire time will only be for the sake of authenticity. The public then watch from cameras surreptitiously concealed in rocks and trees as the couple create the human race and the audience vote on how they should be tempted into sin.

The pilot was very successful
The pilot was very successful

The Death Row Game

Prisoners on death row are watched by the public who go on to decide whom they think should be fried at the end of each week. All the prisoners are executed live on the show one by one and the last remaining contestant wins their freedom.

The Mould Game

Based on an idea from DFTFCs very own MoldCam, 10 different moulds chosen from the general public are watched around the clock as they spread their way across their food interacting with one another. The least popular mould will be incinerated as voted be the viewing public.

The Oubliette Game

A number of contestants are placed in a dungeon with no food, water, light or means of escape and the public watch to see who rots first. Seen through night vision cameras as tempers fray as the contestants play to survive. The viewers vote on who is to be eaten by the other contestants.

The Mind Game

The viewer watches a number of different inanimate objects that help them to relax and ponder on their existence. The public then vote to get rid of the least enlightening object at the conclusion of a weeks thought.

And who will it be this week...?
And who will it be this week...?

The God Game

A group of people who are strongly religious but with conflicting beliefs are all placed in the same building as in the original game; however, each contestant must set an example of their beliefs for the audience. Each week the weakest religion is evicted so the general public can truly find out which is the one true religion.

DFTFC eagerly await the arrival of this station, it can do nothing but make money. This is cheap, tabloid, brain friendly TV with sex, violence, low ethics and very little mental stimulation - perfect. Maybe one day we’ll all buy our own hidden cameras and play at being Big Brother.

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