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George Bush and girl

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

George Bush and girl

Bush follows in Quayles footsteps.. ‘is that how you spell potato mummy?’ - LSA he farted Oh, I thought his name was Clinton! - jAcKrAbBiT sLiM The president prepared himself as ‘Miss sucky’ limbered up… - Sick fuck I’m too tired, you tell him what happened with the Dish and the Spoon. - Manic Marmoset Oh my god, the pres’dent’s dumber than I am! - Michael 808 Is he really the dickhead off the telly - simon Mummy he’s not the real Santa!!!!! - fuckin wiv ya head and he gets paid how much for the shit he does ?? - Orla the irish bitch Bush crowns Miss Arizona West - Mick mc laughlin Little girl: O my god What does he want to do? - Simon A young Miss Iowa shows the President how she won the beauty pagaent - Sick twat Monica Lewinski’s daughter limbers up for the new president! - Horny Horns The King Of Horns MOM! Daddy’s cutting funds to all the public services for his own selfish means! - Conjurer303 ouch my toe! - espionage.salad.bowl

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