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Car crash in carpark

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Car crash in carpark

  • The car on top is a Toyota - Hoffin Bigman
  • Security personnel caught in bizarre car-sex voyeurism shocker! - JamBoy
  • Yes sir we can just squeeze in one more - Dai Laffin
  • Production technique for new Mini exposed - Vic
  • The latest in budget multi story car parks - ozzy
  • Tony Adams tells police ‘I’m not pished’ - scrumpydoode
  • Mr Prescotts next transport plan goes bolloks up again - Scart Lead
  • And they say women can’t park…
  • And she passed her test! - Double standards……………. never! CC
  • ‘Move along please, theres nothing for you to see here’ - Colin
  • tut - typical BMW driver - Dougs
  • prevent your car from getting nicked, hide it under someone else’s one
  • Doctors are debating whether to separate the Siamese cars, so that one can live - SKB
  • damn it! missed the skoda ! - googlyman!
  • The new multipla from fiat - Blinky Bill
  • i told you women could’nt park! - paddy
  • Daewoo sir? That will do nicely - Dai Laffin
  • Damn it! Missed the parking assistant. - Hoffin Bigman
  • Low turnout at this years Dukes of Hazard fanclub conference - Where’s Daisy?
  • No, i don’t think you’ll need your umbrella madam! - Simon
  • Left hand down a bit! - Sparky
  • i think you may have failed reverse parking - alan from oz
  • don’t wear wellys when reversing! - alan from oz
  • i’ll have to do you for illegal parking!
  • it`s raining i couldn’t see the lines!
  • this is your captain speaking,do not be alarmed! if everthin starts to melt! - al from oz
  • ‘Do you like my new jacket - it’s yellow you know.’

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