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DOS addresses only 1 Megabyte of RAM because we cannot imagine any applications needing more - MS, 1980

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Plane and sound barrier

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Plane and sound barrier

  • Surprise toys now bundled in new white smarties! - Hoffin’ Bigman
  • Billy the blue monster was surprised when he squeezed the boil - Ewan
  • The U S air force proudly sky write todays friendly fire tally - Scrumpydoode
  • Never disturb a Hornet’s nest!
  • Chickens are new players in aerospace technology - Vic
  • Gives the term ‘the lynx effect’ a whole new meaning - Tom ‘Kickass’ Cantrill 10Jaaay baby!
  • what the f*k, i’m stuck! - *hmmm
  • ‘Sod the coming out of the Sun, they will never see us coming out of the clouds’
  • US Fighter develops severe case of haemorrhoids - Wookster
  • look, i told you not to spill the aliens beer! - googly2k
  • Caught on camera: mutant sperm - Wookster
  • Non-lethal weaponry is fair enough, but this cotton-wool missile is just shite.. - Jamboy
  • Where the fuck did that paracetamol come from - jelly
  • Dow Corning, dragged into further lawsuits, denies culpability. - Bill Nicholson nicomp42@hotmail.com
  • Mutant Breast-Cloud in Stiff Nipple Shocker! - TigerMaple
  • Smarties have more than the answers we now have your planes - Daveyboy
  • I told you, ECM is for Electronic Countermeasures, not External Candyfloss Maker - JamBoy
  • Airforce expresses anger at ‘World’s Largest Cottonball’ botch-up. - Mr Cool
  • McDonnell Douglas replace braking ‘chutes with airbag. ‘Needs work’ says RAF. - JamBoy
  • Fluffy aliens 1 USAF 0 - Daveyboy
  • USAF in ballet-shocker. Don’t mess with their tu-tu’s! - Joe_Curr

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