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Government house somewhere

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Government house somewhere

  • America denies puppet-president - Joe_Curr
  • ‘I don’t understand!! They used to fit!!! - strawberrrie22
  • Before the op, my tits were this big! - Ewan
  • Ugly bloke denies sexual harassment charges from Invisible Woman. - JamBoy
  • one, two, three, seven, eight, oh wait….
  • So THAT’S how hedgehogs shag! - Sparky
  • i dont need a ‘REAL’ monica lewinski, all i need is a bit of imagination! - googly2k
  • ‘You talkin’ to me?’ - Sean the Irish Bastard
  • You lookin at me………. - R. De Nero
  • Russian ambassador clears U.N. with statement ‘I want to be a real woman!’ - Deadmeat
  • Bob’s fart demonstrations were notoriously unpopular. - Namrah
  • Manual recounting of the Al Gore presidential votes - LordVader
  • Politician admits to taking viagra: I swear it was this big - LordVader
  • Red blood cells develop freaky mutation - Wookster
  • I knew I shouldn’t have beans for lunch - Wookster
  • Not too difficult - A Single man counts up Al Gores presidential votes - Wookster
  • International Hand Gesture #46: ‘You fat bastard, you ate all the pies.’ - JamBoy
  • 1st sign of madness - looking for hairs on the palm of your hands - LordVader
  • Pervert demonstrates advantages of female characters in virtual reality - LordVader
  • ‘I tell you Mo Mowlams were this big!!!’ - Deadmeat
  • It was a lonely conference and he just wanted a hug! - Bad Boy Malcolm
  • It was here a moment ago… - death to the muppets
  • ‘Yo yo yo Mr speaker waasssuuuuppp!!’ - Deadmeat
  • ‘i tell no lies they were this big.. ‘ - s
  • Bob stretched his fingers before playing the worlds longest piano - Scrumpydoode

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