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Skeleton theatre

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Skeleton theatre

  • Cash strapped Millennium Dome loses roof. Body Zone nothing more than a skeleton - Joe_Curr
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament takes longer than planned - LordVader
  • gullivar lives…….. sort of - jill
  • The Necronomicon is the source of all evil, Mwahahahahahahahaha! - CC, This is my boomstick!
  • Victims were not too chuffed about seeing ‘Hell’s’ This Your Life big red book - Scrumpydoode
  • Posh spice gets pop-up book for Christmas - Giroboy
  • Bloody bookworms get everywhere - ChilliBear
  • Millennium Dome facelift - Visitors to ‘Book World’ hope for good weather - Joe_Curr
  • Eammon Andrews exhumed to present this is your life - Simon
  • God vents awful vengeance on all who read the ‘All New Pop-Up Bible’ - Simon
  • posh spice enjoys her celebrity status above the little people - tim s
  • Man devoured by evil pigmys while reading book - LordVader
  • Posh Spice gets her first pop-up book - Simon
  • Food crisis on lilliput ‘send us another UN envoy please’ - Deadmeat

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