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Man taped to wall

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Man taped to wall

  • Government considers U-turn on research into genetically modified spiders. - Joe_Curr
  • Turner Prize entry turns on artist - Giroboy
  • ‘Tape Man’ proves a flop at the annual superhero ball - Joe_Curr
  • Some days, you really wish you’d shaved your chest… - JamBoy
  • Bank robberies take on bizarre new twist with tape guns - Deadmeat
  • Novel methods employed to hold back the hordes, on Playstation 2 release day… - JamBoy
  • Historic time-capsule reveals ‘missing link’… - gregarious gibbon
  • Mr Smith never did get the hang of wrapping presents - Deadmeat
  • Thats what you get for robbing ‘stationary box’! - SomeKindaBliss
  • The local village people had had enough of his thieving.
  • Duct Tape is Stronger than UHU - Sil
  • Twat gets himself caught in another ‘sticky’ situation… - LordVader
  • Duck Tape Chairman say’s ‘The pay cut was just a joke’ - Deadmeat
  • Jenny Craig tout’s break through weight loss method (results not typical) - manic marmoset
  • Critics agree: George Lucas’ latest special fx leave something to be desired… - manic marmoset
  • The forgotten 3rd world population enjoys the tale of Christmas - B>E<X
  • Be with you in a minute; I’m a little tied up… - Sparky
  • NHS bed shortage solution given the go ahead - mattbibbings@yahoo.co.uk

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