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Child on swing

Written by: Published on: 01 Jan 0001

Child on swing

  • Lost At Sea Victim ‘Timmy’, Just Seconds Before The Chains Snapped - Rosey
  • 1944 d-day. - Rob Michael
  • New Zealand Pilot in training on how to crash a jet in the sea! - woodybfc
  • I’m coming to get you nartzi F**kers!!! - *woodybfc
  • The Yanks last line of defence, before Kamakazi, SLINGSHOT BABIES!!!! - A babe for all occasions! Aus
  • Sling Shot Air Lines, Children Fly Free! - AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!
  • Hey Soffie, after we finish with the swing do you want to build a sandbag castle -* OI!!! OI!!! OI!!!*
  • The Kilshaws try the newest way to get a baby through customs - CC
  • Bob, did you leave the Star Gate open again - Scrumpydoode
  • supermans baby brother needs a little help from 2 passing harriers……… - googly2k1 is THE best!
  • Godzilla would soon come from the depths and claim the child sacrifice. - Skeevy.com
  • ‘mummy! NOOOOOOO!’ were the last words of the most recent victim of the evil mum - Googly2k1 is the greatest!
  • Previously unreleased phot of the D-Day invasion - ConorBongo
  • This baby has no legs! - conorbongo
  • invisible man, uses toddler as ammunition in giant sling shot. - silvertongue
  • french deny firing medium range toddlers across the channel
  • Freakish Whale Baby Air-lifter after beaching self in search of hind legs. - P. Diddly Dog Darwin
  • William Hague swings Further to the Right… - John Whitington
  • ‘If only I had a playstation’ -* lex hart*
  • Cures for nappy rash take a turn for the worse - Deadmeat

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