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AOL 5.0 Reviewed

Written by: ChilliBear Published on: 07 Feb 2000

With the release of the all new and improved AOL version 5, I thought a quick review of the latest and greatest in coffee mats may help you to decide which free cover disc to choose.

AOL5 comes in an attractive silver cardboard container (to keep the coffee mat clean in transit), once opened you are greeted by a clean shiny cd with the catchy “All New!” logo, well I should hope so - the last thing I want is a daft “All Old! And Bug-Ridden” catchphrase. Anyway on with the review.

I used a Compuserve 2000 cd as a reference CD, in past tests this cd has proved is robust and solid design, (besides I was curious to see how two CDs from the same company compared)

  • Each cd was subjected to three days of intensive coffee mat usage.
  • Coffee was also deliberately split on each mat.
  • Each cd was then tested to see if it still worked…

After the first day the AOL5 cd was looking good, and still very shiny. nice

On the second day the AOL5 cd had suffered more damage…

But disaster for the Compuserve2000 cd, after only two day of use look at the mess!

The final test was to let the mats loose on some of the development staff here… three out of the five staff thought that the memory requirements for the AOL5 cd were very low, bob said “I found it very easy to spot on my desk and had only to use a little brain power to place my mug there, I give it 4/5”. The phrase “Its so easy to use” on the front cover of the AOL5 cd seems to be born out with only one of our five failing to get their mug on the cd… this is very good compared to the 4 of the staff which completely missed the Compuserve2000 mat.

So in conclusion: I would recommend this new version for your coffee mat, its attractive on the desktop and simple to install and use. So far I have been using this mat for a week and it has only crashed onto the floor once! (and that was Spunk-Monkey’s fault) The Compuserve2000 cd on the other hand I threw out of the window when it started growing fungi. Hey go on after all AOL have put a lot of work into creating the perfect piece of plastic to put your hot drinks on.

<strong style='font-size: 2em;'>8/10</strong>
<strong style='font-size: 2em;'>3/10<strong>

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