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Bluetooth, latest in wireless communication

Written by: ChilliBear Published on: 28 Feb 2000

Whenever new technology rears its head here at DFTFC, we see it as our job to treat it with an impartial and objective view; this is what the consumer needs. Unfortunately, ChilliBear got his hands on this first, so…..

Bluetooth, a name many of you may have heard about. Well basically it’s some sorta protocol for wireless communication, you know when your toaster talks to your fridge, who in turn talks to your wife, who then phones you and lets you know your toast is burnt.

So what does it mean for us then. Well for one, you know those annoying heavy mobile phone things…

or, errrch when they first became available…

You wont need to carry it around any more, using bluetooth you can simply wear this attractive tiny wrist communicator, which talks to your mobile phone. So, you just talk into the wrist communicator, saving you the hassle of talking into the phone! wow

Bluetooth wrist communicator
Bluetooth wrist communicator

And if you thought that was where it ended, how silly you were…get this, you don’t even need to type the phone number into your mobile anymore, you can enter it into the advanced digital keypad on the wrist communicator. smart

Even better still, it comes in several iMac esq. colours cool. Now I can choose to buy a brand new one (at RRP $2300) every time my mood changes. nice

So does it stand up to the rigours of everyday life then? Well I left the mobile wrist communication device with Spunk Monkey for an entire hour, and he didn’t eat it. tasty

The next thing I tried, was burying my mobile down the back of the sofa in my office, then walking outside and trying the wrist communicator. The new bluetooth technology made short work of the 5 foot !!!! distance, and I could still phone Winnie-the-Poo in the next office. It worked all the way until I reached the donut machine at the end of the hallway, an amazing 20 feet.

Well I’m sold, I have to buy one of these (well actually I intend pinching the one IBM sent us for testing), but hey thats a technicality.

And what’s next on the horizon, well the production of bluetooth devices is coming along thick and syrupy, and we can expect to see robot dogs which communicate with your real dog (via bluetooth) whilst you are out walking the robot; enabling the robot to bark realistically. Devices which let you talk to everything in your house, just imagine actually being able to talk to your favourite sofa or cushion. funky

The future is bright the future is, errr blue… shit that didn’t work. Never mind go forth and spend money.

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