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Cyanide: The new club drug

Written by: Helter-Skelter Published on: 22 Oct 2000

A new craze is sweeping drug culture in the UK. Clubbers are now turning to Cyanide to keep their bits up on a good night out. Club culture has been renown ever since its existence to be closely associated with drugs; you just have to listen to the music to realise that.

The new drug on the streets
The new drug on the streets

Its rumoured to have started in the early nineteenth century when a French general (who cannot be named for legal reasons) discovered that while listening to a Bach concerto if he sniffed the solvent that held his medals together then the music sounded well trippy. This carried through to the twentieth century and where ever there were discotheques there were people taking drugs. Up to the end of the 90’s ecstasy became as popular a part of clubland as glow-sticks, particularly with multinational companies such as Mitsubishi cashing in on it. The newest addition to these trendy drugs is Cyanide.

Discoverer of trippy music
Discoverer of trippy music

Philip Gaugh, a clubber from London explains to us the appeal of Cyanide: “It’s like a whole evening thing and Cyanide just tops it off perfectly. You start the evening at home with your mates, smoke a joint, get mellow, then go onto a pub and have a few vodka’s and caffeine stimulant, then pop a pill, go to a banging club and that gets you going real nice. The night may have been really mental but the pills always give you a downer and this is when the Cyanide come into play and it totally saves you from all that shit.”

Cyanide first became fashionably in the 1940’s, especially with the British secret army, but very quickly other drugs became more popular. It would now seem that this volatile drug is coming back into fashion.

Clive Bowen, a chemical specialist from the University of Hull, explained the dangers of Cyanide: “The kids are going into ‘Night Clubs’ and taking Ecstasy but are also taking this Cyanide to relieve them of the side effects. The trouble is that Cyanide is a very dangerous drug and there are many cases of deaths from it though no exact figures have been found due to a lot of secret use in the past. However, Cyanide works by completely shutting the body down so the brain can no longer feel any ‘down’ affects from the Ecstasy. This phenomena is scientifically known as death.”

We can safely say this new super drug is as dangerous as any other though no specific side affect have been confirmed. It’s just another name in a long list for your kids to be aware of.

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