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Future Time Travel News Shocker!

Written by: Sean the Irish Bastard Published on: 12 Apr 2000

We at DFTTC has been stunned by the appearance of what can only be described as concrete evidence of time travel. An article entitled “Time Machine Destroyed” mysteriously appeared on our servers with an attached date of 17th January 2002. This article is reproduced on the main page in exactly the same form as it first appeared.

What all this means is anyone’s guess, but we are determined to get to the bottom of it. One thing that can be confirmed is that none of the editorial team composed the article (including myself, to whom the article is attributed). Hoffin Bigman elaborates: “It was definitely not on our server when we all went down the pub‡, but by the time we came back, there it was”.

We are now on our lookout for any evidence to back up this amazing story, and when we find it, you will see it here first…

‡ Admittedly about twenty minutes after we came into work that morning.

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