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Mathematician finds true value of Pi to be 3.15

Written by: Hungry Caterpillar Published on: 20 Apr 2000

For centuries scientists have thought that the number know as Pi was supposed to be an irrational number, infinite in length. But today Dr Richard Kimber announced that the value of the number is not 3.141592653589… and so on. It is in fact only 3.15.

It seems that previously every mathematician that had tried to calculate Pi had in fact ‘Forgotten to carry the two’ and so got what is in actual fact a very simple sum completely wrong. The result of this finding is expected to have far reaching consequences. Its implications are going to be devastating as it is now becoming clear that for this entire time people have been calculating the area and radius of circles incorrectly. Also it will have implications in the errr well what ever else Pi is actually used for.

We spoke to Dr Kimber who made this incredible discovery.

DFTFC: Dr Kimber thank you for joining us today.

Dr Richard Kimber: Its nice to be here.

DFTFC: Have you managed to catch up with the one armed man yet?

DRK: Thats Dr Richard Kimble you idiot.

DFTFC: Sorry. So when did you make this momentous discovery

DRK: Well I was giving a lecture at the university at which I work to a bunch of idiots… sorry first years and while calculating Pi for them I was surprised to find that I got the result of 3.15.

DFTFC: And you found that this was just because you remember to carry the two.

DRK: Yes it seemed amazing to me that Id never spotted it before.

DFTFC: And you’re sure that your answer is the correct answer

DRK: Yes Im positive.

DFTFC: And the fact that every mathematician from Pythagoras to Einstein have failed to notice this doesn’t make you any less confidant.

DRK: Well when you put it like that


DRK: Look I think I should be going.

DFTFC: Yes I think that Tommy Lee Jones is on his way.

We at DFTFC would like to point out that we believe that this is the first time anyone has ever tried to write any thing amusing about an irrational number.

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