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Microsoft Releases Windows 2000 Keyboard

Written by: Winnie the Poo Published on: 09 Mar 2000

At a press conference earlier today Microsoft unveiled to the world their new Windows 2000 Keyboard.

The new Micro$oft Windows 2000 Keyboard

A spokesman said ‘It incorporates all of the features that a Windows 2000 user needs, it’s both ergonomic and efficient.’ When prompted to explain why the only three keys present on the keyboard were Ctrl, Alt and Del the spokesman said ‘This is a keyboard designed for Windows 2000, what others keys does one need ?’

The keyboard is expected to start shipping next week which means we should be able to get our hands on one sometime in August. A service pack, including a Scroll Lock Key will be released towards the end of the year. The expected demand for these keyboards is very high and Microsoft have set up seven dedicated factories to deal with the demand. The world waits…

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